Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Virtual reality is here...and it's made of cardboard.

Last June at the Google I/O software developer conference, Google unveiled Google Cardboard, a DIY virtual reality headset aimed at giving the public an idea of the potential possibilities awaiting users in virtual reality. Compatible with Android phones and the iPhone 6, a user inserts their mobile device running a Google Cardboard app, turning their phone into a virtual reality device for less $25. Rather than sell the design, Google has made the specs freely available, allowing those wishing to try Google Cardboard to either purchase parts and build one themselves, or order versions made from cardboard or EVA foam.

We recently purchased four devices made from EVA foam for evaluation on our end. Our first impressions:
  • The device responds remarkably well to head movement., which is a large part of the immersive experience
  • If you're looking to enjoy the full experience privately, it can be tricky to attach headphones and still fit the phone inside the headset
  • Since the interface is limited to a single button on the side of the headset, interaction is often passive, and limited to head movement and single clicks.
  • There's roughly a 50/50 chance the device may give you motion sickness
Let us know if you're interested in giving one a try!

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