Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Google Apps Updates - April/May

Being busy with the 2016 Faculty Technology Institute, we are a bit delayed in our follow-up to the inaugural LC Google Apps Update. Better late than never! Here are some of the new and (hopefully) useful features that have appeared on our Google Apps domain in the last couple months. Please note that some features such as Reminders for Google Calendar or Offline Access for Google Docs have been announced, but are either not yet available or not enabled on our domain. We will update our users via social media or LC Google Updates as these features become available.

Activate link sharing quickly via "Get shareable link" icon - 3/29/2016

Need to share a link to a Google Drive document/file? You can now get the link with a single click of a button in the Google Drive interface.

Resize the Formula Bar for Easier Reading and Typing in Google Sheets - 04/25/2016

This simple, straight-ahead update adds the ability to resize the formula bar in Google Sheets, making it easier to view long formulas or large blocks of data.

Accept Questions from Your Audience When Presenting in Google Slides - 05/04/2016

This exciting new feature for Google Slides allows you to enable Q&A audience interaction from within a Google Slides presentation. See it in action in the video below:

Stay focused with Google Calendar event notifications in your browser - 05/10/2016

Formerly a "lab," the "Gentle Notifications" feature has transitioned to a fully supported feature. Event notifications may now be enabled in browsers with Web Notification support, such as Google Chrome.

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