Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lewis & Clark Law School Makes Switch to Panopto


This semester, students at the Lewis & Clark Law School will have a new way to view past lectures, thanks to the school’s decision to move to the Panopto cloud hosted video streaming service. Panopto replaces the Law School’s prior lecture capture system, Mediasite, which had been in production for the better half of a decade. While it offers many of the features of other lecture capture systems, there are a number of features that make Panopto unique to the learning experience.

Deep Analytics

With Panopto’s analytics, owners of a video can analyze a recording on a minute-by-minute basis. Auto-generated charts will show portions of the video where viewership of a video peaks and declines. Video owners also have the option of looking at a specific user, and analyzing their viewership on daily, weekly, monthly, or all-time intervals.  

Intuitive Video Editor

Panopto features a simple click-and-drag editor that makes trimming portions out of the beginning, middle and end of a video fast and simple. There is even an option to combine other videos or add additional content to videos.


Viewing on any device

Through its web interface, and mobile apps for Android and iOS, Panopto videos are viewable on nearly every device. Panopto utilizes adaptive bitrate streaming, which allows viewers to see the highest quality video stream for their internet connection speed with minimal buffering.

Timestamped Notes

With the notes feature, students are able to create a private note on a video. When they come back to view it at another time, the note will be marked with a timestamp on the sidebar.

When the timestamped notes are made public, this allows for discussion with instructors and other students.

Speech/Text Recognition and Searchability

Panopto allows students and instructors alike the ability to search an entire recording, or even a group of recordings for specific words and phrases. With ~75% accuracy for speech recognition, and 99% accuracy for on-screen text (utilizing OCR technology) Panopto is able to deliver timestamped results almost instantaneously. This makes reviewing key concepts before an exam that much easier.

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