Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Possibilities of Adobe Spark

Need to tell your story online in a compelling way? Adobe Spark makes it easy to do just that. Introduced early last summer, Spark consists of a Web app with three main tools—Post, Page, and Video—each with companion mobile apps. The three tools create social memes, mini websites, and narrated tutorials, respectively. Spark can serve as a valuable tool for small businesses, bloggers, marketers, and students who want to get a message out with style. Oh yeah, and it's free.So what does it look like?  Here's an example of a Spark Post:

Pretty simple, right?  It's just an image that you can customize and add text.  It's a snap to create and share in just a few minutes.  

The next gem in the Spark trio is Video.  The creation process is similar to Post in that you start with an image and add text.  It get's exciting from there, because you start to link multiple images, narration, and text to create a video complete with music.  Take a look:

I made this at home with my iPhone's camera, microphone, and the Adobe Spark Video app.

The last member of the Spark team is Pages.  With pages, you can create a dynamic web page that tells a story or gives a lesson.  Here's a link to one on wolves:

I really recommend giving Adobe Spark a try.  You might surprise yourself with the quality of the content you'll create.  If you're a teacher, consider one of the Spark apps for an assignment that will engage students and bring out creativity.  Seriously, try it!  Adobe Spark.

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