Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Resource Lab Refresh

This summer we've refreshed Resource Lab equipment and software.  The updates include new 27" iMacs with retina screens that can handle 4k video editing, virtual reality development, and 3D modeling.   Software upgrades include the addition of the full Adobe Creative Suite on each machine. That means all of the computers have the most recent versions of Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, Lightroom--there are really too many to list, so check it out here.

Another excellent upgrade is the addition of a Lulzbot Taz 6 3D printer.  This printer will allow us to print a wider range of materials like magnetic plastic, circuit printing media, and industrial strength plastics.
Ain't she a beauty

LC community members are encouraged to try out the printer. Where to start? There are loads of free models available from sites like Thingiverse that you may download and print.  If you're worried about costs, don't be!  3D printing is deducted from your LC print balance.  The process to get your print is easier than you might think. Either visit the Resource Lab with a file in hand, or send a file with a print request to itservice@lclark.edu.  We'll help you prep and print the file, or let you know if it's just not something our printer can handle.

So that's what's new in the Rlab.  Don't forget we still have fabulous color printers available to create your academic posters and photo projects.  Give us a call at 503-768-7225 for more information.

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