Thursday, October 19, 2017

Useful New Updates to Google Slides and Sheets

While Google continuously announces new updates to G Suite, there is often a delay before these updates appear on our domain. Here are a couple recent Google updates that have recently gone live that may be of interest to our users!

Create custom headers and footers in Google Sheets (10/10/2017)

“You can customize the headers and footers in your Google Sheets documents with the text of your choosing. In addition, you can select from many more pre-defined options (for date, time, etc.) and move those options around within your header and footer. Simply choose “EDIT CUSTOM FIELDS” from the Print settings menu to get started.”

New Updates in Slides Designed to Make You Look Good (9/27/2017)

Google has introduced slew of new updates designed to improve the ease of getting data into slides and keeping it up-to-date. These include:

  • Linking slides between presentations so updating one slide updates the same slide used in other presentations
  • Easily importing information from Google Keep note-taking application.
  • More options for images using add-ins for Shutterstock and Adobe Stock

New Google Slides Integration with PearDeck Chrome Extension  (10/12/2017)

After introducing PearDeck over the summer as our new supported polling solution, there have been questions about it's integration with other presentation tools. As of last week, PearDeck has introduced an extension for Google Chrome that enables integration of PearDeck polling features.

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