Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Moodle Filtered Course List Block

With last Summer's Moodle 3.3 upgrade came changes to the Course Overview block. Some of our users have expressed these changes made it more difficult to identify and locate current courses in-progress. This is partly due to the new Course Overview area using course start and end dates to classify courses.

To address this issue we have installed a new "Filtered Course List" block, which users may optionally enable on their end. Within the block, you will see two filtered categories. The first category, expanded by default, displays current term and list your current classes. The second category, Other Courses, contains past Moodle courses in reverse chronological order. Keep in mind that past courses will only be visible if you are the instructor or if the courses is made available to you by the instructor.

To activate the plugin:

1) From your dashboard ( click the orange Customize this page button in the corner

2)  Scroll to the bottom and select "Filtered Course List" from the Add a Block drop-down.

If you have any feedback regarding the plugin or run into any difficulty installing it, feel free to let us know at

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