Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Google Classroom

 At the start of the Fall 2014 term, Google slowly deployed Classroom, a new addition to Apps for Education designed to help teachers create and collect paperless assignments using Google Drive and Docs. Classroom is somewhat of a one-trick pony, but is very good at streamlining the administrative headaches involved with collecting student work in Google Drive.

Why Use Google Classroom?
  • Create and collect assignments in Google Drive with due dates - Classroom automatically manages naming conventions and keeps assignments organized and secure
  • Track, grade and return assignments easily and electronically
  • Easily share materials stored in Google Drive with your class
  • Classroom makes it easy for students to find shared materials and keep track of assignments

Can Classroom replace Moodle or my class web page?

Probably not. Since Classroom only works with Google Docs and Drive, those who are used to a full featured class web page may find Classroom limiting. However, if you are interested in collecting and returning student work using Google Drive, Classroom can be a useful addition and you can easily add a link to it on your primary class web page.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more, come to our Google Classroom session at the 2015 Faculty Technology Institute or check out Google Classroom Help.

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