Thursday, April 16, 2015

The State of the Drone --April 2015 Edition--Delivery Drones

An Amazon Prime Air Drone delivers a package
Quadcopter drones are coming to an airspace near you...  And for good reason--flight technology is racing at a hare's pace.  For example, has been vying for the right to use drones for speedy local deliveries since summer of 2014 only to be stymied by the slow turning gears of regulatory limbo.  As a result, the FAA approved Amazon's drone plans barely nine months later in April of 2015 only to find that the intended drone technology had already become obsolete!
Not to worry--Amazon Prime Air delivery is still in the works and will be delivering your Zappos order straight to your window sill sooner rather than later.

This type of delivery will be a reality due to the ease of flying with autopilot safeguards.
With the ability to plan flight routes by touching locations on a map on your iPad, all one must do is press "go" and abracadabra, no flying skills required to drop off a package or annoy a pack of drone swatting chimps.

One can now wear a device akin to virtual reality goggles that are connected to the drone's onboard camera to experience flying as if you were actually inside.  It's this ability--a bit like taking over the eyes of a bird in flight-- that prompted drone manufacturer 3DR’s Colin Guinn to quip,

"We’re basically giving people a superhuman power for a thousand bucks."

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