Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Augmented Reality

     Fascinating The Atlantic article about the exciting/scary/awesome future of Augmented Reality which just happens to be one of the topics we will be discussing during the Innovative Speed Dating session on May, 21st Thursday at the Faculty Technology Institute. http://www.lclark.edu/live/events/37956-innovative-technology-speed-dating

The World Is Not Enough: Google and the Future of Augmented Reality


The new Google FieldTrip app probes the question: What digital information do you want to see overlaid on the physical world?

It is The Future. You wake up at dawn and fumble on the bedstand for your (Google) Glass. Peering out at the world through transparent screens, what do you see? 
If you pick up a book, do you see a biography of its author, an analysis of the chemical composition of its paper, or the share price for its publisher? Do you see a list of your friends who've read it or a selection of its best passages or a map of its locations or its resale price or nothing? The problem for Google's brains, as it is for all brains, is choosing where to focus attention and computational power. As a Google-structured augmented reality comes closer to becoming a product-service combination you can buy, the particulars of how it will actually merge the offline and online are starting to matter...

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