Monday, June 8, 2015

Google Photos is Live!

In the past, photos in Google have shifted between Picasa Web Albums, Google+, and Google Drive online storage. On May 28th, Google announced the release of Google Photos, a new photo management service integrated into the Google Apps suite. Google Photos merges photos saved through Google+, Picasa, and Google Drive, and also includes the ability to automatically sync photos from Android devices or iOS devices with the Google Photos installed.

In addition, Google Photos includes basic photo editing, filters, and facial and setting recognition for auto-sorting. On public Google accounts, users have a max of 15GB for full-size photo storage, and unlimited storage for High Quality photos stored at a reduced file size. Fortunately, Google Apps for Education accounts provide unlimited storage, allowing users to save full-size original photos with no loss in quality.

The service is currently available at, where you can being uploading photos, though the ability to import through Drive is not yet available on our Google Apps domain. For more information and a detailed look at new features, see Google's official announcement.

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