Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What can .edu do for you?

Having an @lclark.edu email address gives Lewis & Clark faculty, staff and students free perks when it comes to Google Apps use and Google Drive storage. In addition, having a .edu address of any sort provides many more perks, both for work and pleasure. Here is a short list of the many offerings available:

- 50% off Spotify Premium and Apple Music
- 60% off Adobe Creative Cloud, for one year
- 96% off Corel products
- Amazon Prime Student - Free for 6 months
- Autodesk software for free
- Discounts on Dell Products
- Free digital subscription to The Washington Post
- Github Student Developer Pack
- New York Times Digital Edition for $1 per week
Prezi subscription
- Rotating discounts at Best Buy
- Save 10% or more on Microsoft Products
- Six months of LastPass
- Some discounts on Apple Products

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