Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Using Pear Deck for Interactive Presentations

For the Spring 2017 term, IT is evaluating interactive presentation software PearDeck as a possible permanent polling solution. During this trial period, PearDeck is available to all users in the lclark.edu domain, which includes students, staff, and faculty. PearDeck may be accessed either via the web through the PearDeck website (sign in with your LC Gmail credentials). You may also access PearDeck from within Google Drive by either opening an existing Google Slides presentation directly into PearDeck (right-click > Open With > Pear Deck) or selecting the New button and selecting PearDeck from the list. PearDeck presentations—both imported and created from scratch—are saved in the user’s PearDeck home screen as well as within Google Drive.

When creating Poll Slides for your PearDeck presentation, audience interaction options include multiple choice, drawing, draggable indicators, and free text response, as well as some variations of each of these options. At the beginning of a presentation (as well as in the bottom corner during the presentation) PearDeck displays a code users may use to enter the presentation via the site peardeck.com/join. PearDeck requires participants to log in with Google credentials. Keep in mind that if you plan to use it for a presentation that may include non-LC participants, some users may not have a personal or professional Google account.

PearDeck is available to all users within the lclark.edu domain. Please feel free to try this polling tool and please take the time to send us feedback on your experience.

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